ghosts in the burbs

A blog about the people who live in Wellesley, MA and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them.

68b44387-00bd-4101-a78e-b961b936ec0dWe move in two days. We bought an adorable little house across town, dangerously close to family and good friends.

It is a good move. It is an exciting move. But it is the very first move I have coordinated completely by myself for four people. I thought I had things under control, but then I spent twenty minutes on the phone today with the nicest man from Xfinity Comcast. I wanted to cancel our service, but he just couldn’t manage to access our account. It wasn’t his fault. We don’t have Xfinity Comcast cable service. We have Verizon cable service.

Needless to say, things are fraying a bit at the edges.

I interviewed a woman named Beth some time ago, and she had an incredibly frightening story. So, on top of running through all of the moving to-do lists at night, I can’t sleep because my experience in Beth’s home was my first real paranormal experience. It left me a little, cracked. So far, with these interviews I’ve been able to explain things away. Tom’s actions were just a sign of mental illness. Mail knocked to the floor wasn’t a ghost cat, it was just a breeze. A trick of the light made me see something that wasn’t there at Pam’s house. Creeper Nick’s prediction of my pregnancy, just a mind-fuck.

But in Beth’s house, I actually felt something that I can’t explain away. And if I can’t explain it away, then this ghost stuff might actually be real. Not that I don’t believe the people that I have been interviewing, I just hadn’t ever experienced anything remotely paranormal myself. Though there was that time that I watched  a scary ghost story show on Fox when I was about ten years old then went upstairs to my room and when my sister came into the room behind me I was so terrified that I sort of hallucinated that she was a ghost woman wearing a long white dress and started screaming and couldn’t stop until my mom and dad ran upstairs and had to kind of shake me a bit to get me to stop screaming… Do you see why I shouldn’t be dabbling in all of this?

I am transcribing the interview with Beth now. It requires a bit of extra tweaking and commentary, so it is taking some time. I will post the story by Friday at the very latest.

2 thoughts on “xfinity vs. verizon

  1. Abbie A says:

    Greetings from Boerne, Texas! I’m not certain what i clicked on that lead me to your blog, but i’m oh so glad i did. I actually love the town of Wellesley (is obsessed too strong of a word?), even only after stepping foot in it a handful of times. Long, long story short, a friend of mine was looking for a home in Wellesley in 2012 but ended up having to suddenly move to LA . As a Texas girl, I’ve always loved the idea of living in New England but have yet to muster up the courage to make the move. Now your blog has me convinced that all of Wellesley is haunted, so perhaps i’ll stay put 🙂 I do love a good scare, but like you, I don’t actually want to personally experience a haunting. These stories are so good though! Can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lizsower13 says:

      Howdy! I am so glad you’re enjoying the blog – and what a small world! 👻👻👻


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