ghosts in the burbs

A blog about the people who live in Wellesley, MA and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them.

Screen Shot 2019-03-24 at 4.35.18 PMSo… you guys… this will sound like it’s coming out of left field, but I’m going on hiatus.


There’s this book that I’ve been working on sporadically for the past 4 years – since before I even dreamed of the world of Ghosts in the Burbs. It’s actually the first in a cozy mystery series of seven books and it is well on it’s way to being complete. It is my biggest, wildest, craziest dream to have it traditionally published. Even writing that makes me so excited at the possibility of it that I could spin off into orbit. And it’s characters have been getting louder and louder the past year or so, screaming at me to tell their story.


I know I have to try.


But trying carries with it a sort of Sophie’s choice (if I were to describe it the most inappropriately melodramatic way possible).


Trying means that I simply must take a writing course (or three) to polish things up, because even though I’ve begun to get the knack for telling ghost stories, mysteries with all their clues and red herrings and structure and such are quite tricky for me.


Trying means that the precious hours I have available for writing must be devoted to one single project if I am going to do anything at all well.


Trying means turning away briefly from an incredibly cool gig. We’ve almost hit One Million episode downloads you guys – I never ever even dreamed ANYONE would read or listen to these stories. I really didn’t. And yet, here we are. And here I am telling you that I need a break to chase another pie in the sky dream.


Trying means I’ll need to devote less time to social media and email – though I will check both a couple times a week. It also means that I will not sending out stickers for new reviews for the time being. I’ve paused Patreon as well so no current patron continuing donations will be processed until I un-pause the account.


Trying means I had to make a hard decision. I’ve decided to take a six month hiatus from Ghosts in the Burbs. I adore you all and your support has meant the world to me. Without it I would never have had the courage to try to get this mystery (and its 6 siblings) published.


I’ll be back just in time for our high holy season, I’ll release new stories beginning October 1st,  2019.


Until then, goodnight, sleep tight, and don’t forget your nightlight.   

12 thoughts on “On Hiatus….

  1. jennifer lucas says:

    You will be missed…but good for you!


  2. Ann says:

    So proud of you and can’t wait to buy your cozy mystery.


  3. Heather Pack says:

    What your doing is great. You are following a dream and recognizing that there is a limit to you can accomplish and stay sane. I will miss your tales from Wellesley but, I look forward to reading the new series!


  4. Brook Spurr says:

    Congratulations. Very exciting. I will miss you so…


  5. Domini says:

    Oh no! But yay!! Chase that dream — I can’t wait to read your books ❤️


    1. Rachel Poe says:

      Aww, man! It’s like Game of Thrones all over again! But good things take time…Can’t wait to read your mystery series.


  6. edwardky2 says:

    Best of luck will be looking forward to book and waiting for your return in October.


  7. Patty H says:

    Following your heart will only make you happier. Sad for us but so happy and excited for you. Keep us updated!


  8. OMG I miss my ghost fix so much!!! Just reread the whole blog because I was jonesing. Is it October yet??


  9. mycraftyself says:

    I have just binged all your episodes, and now having withdrawal symptoms! I miss Liz Sower!

    Good luck to your awesome new adventure, and I honestly cannot wait to hear more of your work in October!

    Hello and goodbye from an avid listener in Melbourne, Australia!
    Aka Emma x


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