ghosts in the burbs

A blog about the people who live in Wellesley, MA and the ghosts (and monsters) who haunt them.

Four girls walked into the woods. Only three walked out. The story of Claire. Read the book to know what happened then and listen to the podcast to find out what happens next.   Available on Amazon in paperback and eBook and on Audible too.

“Are you Liz?” I looked up from undoing my velcro shoes and stood up straight. “I am, uh-” “Emily, I’m Emily Crum.” “Hi,” I said, scanning my brain and trying to figure out if I knew the woman and if so from where and when. “I thought I recognized your picture from the blog. I …

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Today is Friday and every Friday, before the kids wake up, I sage the house. I’ve done this every week since that-which-we-pretend-didn’t-happen happened. Biddy told me the practice clears emotional energy left from the events of the previous week and that it was in our best interest to keep the home clear. Supposedly, negative beings …

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